Your Privacy

& Policies

Ensuring Patient Access

We at SNA understand that when you use our services, you’re entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets—your data.

Patients and patient data security are a top priority for us at SNA Technologies. Comprehensive guidelines have been established internally within SNA that ensure timely, secure patient/provider access to all appropriate SNA services and data. Both providers and patients operating within the boundaries of private and public health plans, are granted access through complex authentication processes that guarantee a maximum level of online security.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property, including patents and regulatory data protection, is the lifeblood of the biotechnology industry and SNA Technologies. SNA strives to protect our IP with rigorous controls while allowing a maxium level of product transparency with our providers and their patients. We maintain a managed and predictable legal framework that ensures strong intellectual property protection for us and fair commerce for our customers.

Clinical Data Transparency

SNA is committed to advancing the care of our providers and patients in a manner that is consistent with the following imperatives:

SNA reserves the right to publish clinical research when deemed appropriate and will collaborate with select academic and private research entities when mutually beneficial. SNA will manage these collaborations based on rigid Principles for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing, SNA is committed to: